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Medicated Oil 千里追风油
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千里追风油 (Carminative Oil)

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Carbon Neutral
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南洋老字号千里追风油/ Minyak Urut Panas 肌肉舒缓 | 马来西亚 NO.1热销土产
Size: 8cm width x 10cm Length x 16cm

千里追风油/驱风油 千里追风油简称追风油,又名驱风油,传统用来缓解肌肉酸痛,腰酸背痛,关节疼痛,用于外敷的中药水。 追风油远近驰名,功效快捷,能够促进人体血液循环,具有良好的药理疗效。 适用于各种症状、例如精神困倦、风湿骨痛、头晕目眩、蚊虫咬伤、脚趾湿痒、头痛、皮肤躁痒、呕肚痛、止痛、酒醉呕吐、顽藓毒疮等。 其成分上含有白油、白樟油、桂叶油、丁香等,在患处轻轻檫抹即可,使用方便。 千里追风油的历史悠久,早在明朝郑和下西洋期间,既被研制出来用作自疗风湿病,因效果良好,在马来西亚有口皆碑,引来游客千里迢迢来购买,姑称为“千里追风油”。

This is a Chinese herbal oil for external application. Traditionally used for backache, muscles pain and joint pain. It works quickly, promotes blood circulation and has good pharmacological effects. It is suitable for various symptoms, such as mental drowsiness, rheumatic bone pain, dizziness, mosquito bites, wet itchy toes, headache, itchy skin, vomiting, pain relief, drunken vomiting, moss and sores. Ingredients: White oil, White camphor oil, Laurel leaf oil, Clove, etc. It is easy to use by gently rubbing on the affected area. Apply small amount of oil on to the palm, rub in a circular motion on the affected area for 2-3 minutes until the hot sensation is felt. This process can be repeated 2-3 times. The history of the oil goes back to as early as Zheng He’s voyages in the Ming Dynasty, it was developed for self-treatment for rheumatism. Due to its effectiveness, it is well-known in Malaysia and attracts tourists from thousands of miles to come here and buy. This is why it is called "Qianli Zhuifeng Oil", literally means "Travel a thousand miles to search for this Carminative Oil." 

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