MAMAVEGE 自热东炎火锅  Vegetarian Self-Heating Tomyam Steamboat
MAMAVEGE 自热东炎火锅  Vegetarian Self-Heating Tomyam Steamboat
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MAMAVEGE 自热东炎火锅 Vegetarian Self-Heating Tomyam Steamboat

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重量: 310克/盒

份量: 1人份/盒

产品特点: 以植物为基础的产品,不含任何肉类成分,选用精选的优质食材制作而成,非常适合素食者食用,并且也深受非素食主义者的喜爱。通过严格筛选优质小麦,并经过精心制作的面饼,确保其生长时间长且充分接受日照,使颗粒饱满,内含更高的营养价值!面饼采用微蒸技术和热风干燥工艺制作,充分保留营养和小麦香气,非油炸制作,口感劲道!此产品的辣度评级为2/5。

产品配料/内容: 面饼,植物羊肉,植物肉丸,新鲜玉米, 马铃薯片,东炎酱料,发热包,汤匙和叉

酱料成分: 番茄,酸梅酱,香茅,食油,水,辣椒,东炎酱,高良姜,小辣椒,糖,姜,青柠叶,越南芫茜,食品許可调味素 认证: 清真认证, 食品安全问责工业认证



产品保存期: 18个月


MAMAVEGE Vegetarian Self-Heating Tomyam Steamboat

Weight: 310g/pack

Serving size: 1 person per pack

Product Highlights:

This plant-based product is free from any meat ingredients and is carefully crafted using selected high-quality ingredients, making it highly suitable for vegetarians and appealing to non-vegetarians as well. The exceptional quality of the wheat used in creating the noodles is ensured through strict selection criteria, guaranteeing a longer growth period and ample exposure to sunlight. This results in plump and nutrient-rich grains. Employing a combination of gentle steaming and hot air drying techniques, the noodles retain their nutritional value and the delightful aroma of wheat, without the need for frying. The end result is a satisfyingly firm texture. This product has a spiciness level of 2/5.

Product Contents: Instant Noodles, Vegetarian Mutton, Vegetarian Meatball, Sweet Corn & Potato Slices, Tomyam Sauce, Heating Pack, Spoon & Fork Sauce

Ingredients: Tomato, Sour Plum Sauce, Lemongrass, Cooking Oil, Water, Chilies, Tomyam Paste, Galangal, Hot Chilies, Sugar, Ginger, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Vietnamese Coriander,

Permitted Flavouring Certification: HALAL, MeSTI

Type of vegetarian: Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian Storage

Method: Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct heat and sunlight. Once opened, keep refrigerated.

Product Shelf Life: 18 months

Product Origin:Penang 

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