豆签板面 Soy-based Pan Mee
豆签板面 Soy-based Pan Mee
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豆签板面 Soy-based Pan Mee

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重量:500g 纯天然素食食品,原色原味,无添加防腐剂,无添加色素,非油炸,营养丰富,是现代人健康饮食的理想选择。
注意事项/ 储存方法:易碎,室温保存 保质期/有效日期:如商品标签(两年)
产品来源地:Rawang, Selangor

Soy-based Pan Mee
Weight: 500g This is a pure natural vegetarian noodle, an all-natural and vegetarian food, made without any additives such as preservatives or artificial colouring, and fry-free. It is a highly nutritious food and an excellent choice for those looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
Ingredients: Wheat, flour, salt, water, soybeans
Preperation: Boil, stir-fry, or serve dry
Precaution/Storage: Fragile, store at room temperature
Shelf Life/Expiry Date: As indicated on the product label (2 years) Product Origin: Rawang, Selangor

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