芒果卡布奇诺千层蛋糕 Kek Lapis Mango Cheese Delight
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芒果卡布奇诺千层蛋糕 Kek Lapis Mango Cheese Delight

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备注 :此食品含蛋奶 砂劳越千层蛋糕不但是美味的糕点,还是闻名天下的艺术品。在砂劳越,千层蛋糕受到各阶层·人士的爱戴,更是佳节不可缺少的食品。千层蛋糕有好几十种口味,各种颜色和各式各样的花纹排列法更是赏心悦目的图案。 食材不添加任何防腐剂,制作千层蛋糕需要耐心和功夫一层一层将不一样颜色的面层烤熟或蒸熟,超过6小时才能完成。若要更完美,烤好的蛋糕还得经过精准的切割,再以果酱一层层粘合成漂亮的花纹或图案才算大功告成。

产品食材 :牛油,面粉,糖,鸡蛋,黄油,奶酪,黑巧克力,好立克,炼乳,咖椰酱,芒果果酱,卡布奇诺冰淇淋粉,卡布奇诺粉,可可粉,少许香精和可食用色素。

储存方式 :在室内可保存7天,放冰柜1个月,结冰半年。

产品原产地 :马来西亚,砂劳越

Kek Lapis Mango Cheese Delight Net

Remark : Food containing milk and eggs

The Sarawak Kek Lapis is not only a delicious pastry, but also a world-renowned artwork. Adored by people from all walks of life in Sarawak, this delectable treat holds an esteemed place in the hearts of locals and is a cherished centerpiece of festive celebrations. Feast your senses on a myriad of flavours nestled within the delicate folds of this thousand-layered cake. Each slice reveals a vibrant tapestry of colours and patterns meticulously arranged to captivate and enchant. Crafted with utmost care and without the addition of any preservatives, the creation of a Kek Lapis demands unwavering patience and dedication. Hours upon hours are dedicated to the painstaking process of layering and baking or steaming the cake, culminating in a harmonious fusion of flavours. To be more perfect, the baked cake needs to be cut precisely and then pasted layer by layer with fruit jam to create beautiful patterns.

Ingredients: 100% pure butter, flour, sugar, eggs, overlate, cheese, dark chocolate, Horlicks, condensed milk, kaya, Mango Jam, Cuppuccino ice cream powder, Cuppuccino powder, Cocoa powder and permitted flavouring and colouring.

Storage : Keep this treat at room temperature for 7 days. Keep in the fridge for 1 month and for half a year if kept frozen.

Product origin : Sarawak, Malaysia

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