肉桂茶 (Sabah Tea With Cinnamon )
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肉桂茶 (Sabah Tea With Cinnamon )

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Size: 14cm x 17.5cm

肉桂红茶由于含有丰富的类黄酮,可以明显的预防缺血性心脏病。 每天喝三杯以上红茶的冠心病的发病率可显著低于不喝茶的人群。 饮用红茶1小时后,心脏血管的血流速度改善,可防心肌梗死,其含有的钾有增强心脏血液循环的作用,并能减少钙在体内的消耗。

Cinnamon black tea can significantly prevent ischemic heart disease because it is rich in flavonoids. The incidence of coronary heart disease is significantly low among those who drink more than three cups of black tea a day. After drinking black tea for 1 hour, the blood velocity in is improved, which can prevent myocardial infarction. The potassium contained in it can enhance blood circulation of the heart and reduce calcium depletion in the body.

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