素食黑芝麻Murukku (Vegan Black Sesame Murukku )
素食黑芝麻Murukku (Vegan Black Sesame Murukku )
素食黑芝麻Murukku (Vegan Black Sesame Murukku )
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素食黑芝麻Murukku (Vegan Black Sesame Murukku )

Homemade Vegan Murukku Crispy
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重量:300g Muruku

是南印度和斯里兰卡的传统小吃,也被称为“chakli”。这种小吃通常由米粉、克面粉、urad dal 面粉、香料和油制成。然后将面团通过捻、压或滚揉成不同的形状,然后油炸至酥脆和金黄色。Muruku 有各种形状和大小,最常见的是长圆柱形,但也可以是圆形、螺旋形或星形。它通常用作小吃或开胃菜,也在印度和斯里兰卡的节日和特殊场合制作和食用。

成分:黑芝麻、murukku 粉、jemuju 种子、盐、植物油。不含五辛。


Muruku is a traditional snack from South India and Sri Lanka, also known as "chakli". This snack is typically made from rice flour, gram flour, urad dal flour, spices, and oil. The dough is then shaped into different forms by twisting, pressing, or piping, and deep-fried until crispy and golden brown. Muruku comes in various shapes and sizes, with the most common being long cylindrical shapes, but it can also be round, spiral, or star-shaped. It is usually served as a snack or appetizer and is also made and consumed during festivals and special occasions in India and Sri Lanka.

Ingredients : Black sesame, murukku powder, jemuju seeds, salt, vegetable oil. No onion and garlic. 

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