精美文化徽章 三大财富
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精美文化徽章 - 三大财富 Featured Button Badge -Three Wealths

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精美文化徽章 三大财富
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精美文化徽章 三大财富
材料:可回收之塑料,铁片,铁扣针 我们采用高品质材料和精湛的工艺,保证您的徽章外观精美、质量优良,耐久性强。 独特设计的 "三大财富“, 代表每个人都追求的人生三大需求:口袋财富,健康财富及脑袋财富。 ”三大财富“ 课程特别设计给所有人,让人们了解追求财富的根本要素。 把徽章别在胸前或包包上都代表了个人对于三大财富的了解与迈向正确的追求方向。


Featured Button Badge -Three Wealths
Size:Round shape, diameter 58mm
Weight: 5g
Material: Recyclable plastic, iron sheet, iron pin We use high-quality materials and exquisite workmanship to ensure that your badge looks great, high-quality and durable. The uniquely designed "Three Wealths" represent the three major needs in life that everyone pursues: Pocket Wealth, Health Wealth and Wisdom Wealth. The "Three Wealths" course is specially designed for everyone, so that people can understand the fundamental elements of pursuing wealth. Putting the badge on the chest or on the bag represents the individual's understanding of the three wealth and the right direction of pursuit.

Product Origin: Made In Malaysia

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