硅胶镀膜雨刷 Silicone Wiper
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硅胶镀膜雨刷 Silicone Wiper

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14寸 (14 inches)
16寸 (16 inches)
17寸 (17 inches)
18寸 (18 inches)
19寸 (19inches)
20寸(20 inches)
21寸 (21 inches)
22寸 (22 inches)
24寸 (24 inches)
26寸 (26 inches)
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Made In Malaysia
Carbon Neutral
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备注 :以一支的价钱出售,有10种不同尺寸可选择

产品来源地 :马来西亚

产品功效 :硅橡胶的底表面张力使其具有特殊的疏水特性,强力驱水,清晰视野,耐候性好,胶条不老化,使用寿命长,可持续镀膜,安静无噪音,安全环保,性能稳定。

Silicone Wiper

Remark : Sold at a price of one piece, with 10 different sizes to choose from

Product origin : Malaysia

Product benefits : The bottom surface tension of silicone rubber endows it with special hydrophobic properties, strong water repellency, clear vision, good weather resistance, non aging rubber strip, long service life, sustainable coating, quiet and noise free, safe and environmentally friendly with stable performance. 

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