沙巴东革阿里茶Sabah Tea With Tongkat Ali
沙巴东革阿里茶Sabah Tea With Tongkat Ali
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沙巴东革阿里茶Sabah Tea With Tongkat Ali

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重量: 30g (15袋装 x 2g)

尺寸:14 cm x 5.5 cm x 18 cm

产品特点: 沙巴茶产于马来西亚首个世界遗产地~京那巴鲁山青翠的山脚下。精选的嫩茶叶经过精心采摘和精心加工,以保持婆罗洲雨林的原始纯净。 大自然的保护使得沙巴茶园免受害虫侵袭。沙巴茶园的雨林植被被特意保留,以喂养丛林昆虫。因此,对于注重环保和健康的茶爱好者来说,沙巴茶是一个非常理想的选择。

产品功效: 东革阿里中高水平的超氧化物歧化酶是一种抗氧化酶,有助于清除人体中的自由基。 除此之外,众所周知,它可以降低高血压并充当抗疟疾物质,可利尿, 保护血管,保健身体。 这种植物众所周知的概念是提高男性的性欲,根据当地的信仰,这是一种“马来西亚伟哥”。



保质期/有效日期:Jan 2026

产品来源地:马来西亚 沙巴 兰瑙

Sabah Tea with Tongkat Ali

Weight: 30g (15 sachets x 2g)

Dimensions: 14cm x 5.5cm x 18cm Sabah tea is produced at the foot of the verdant Kinabalu Mountain, the first World Heritage site in Malaysia. Carefully selected young tea leaves are picked and processed to maintain the pristine purity of Borneo's rainforest. The natural protection of the rainforest preserves Sabah tea gardens from insect attacks. The rainforest vegetation in Sabah tea gardens is intentionally preserved to feed jungle insects. Therefore, Sabah tea is an ideal choice for environmentally and health-conscious tea enthusiasts. The high level of superoxide dismutase in Tongkat Ali is an antioxidant enzyme that helps to remove free radicals from the body. In addition, it is well-known that Tongkat Ali can lower blood pressure and act as an anti-malarial substance, diuretic, protect blood vessels, and promote overall health. This plant is also known to enhance male libido, according to local beliefs, is a "Malaysian Viagra".

Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis Black Tea with Natural Tongkat Ali

Direction: Brew 1-2 sachets each time with 90-degree hot water for 2 minutes.

Shelf Life/Expiry Date: Jan 2026 Product Source: Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia

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