彩虹24谷粮黑木耳和海藻 Rainbow 24 Grains Black Fungus & Seaweed
彩虹24谷粮黑木耳和海藻 Rainbow 24 Grains Black Fungus & Seaweed
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彩虹24谷粮黑木耳和海藻 Rainbow 24 Grains Black Fungus & Seaweed

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重量 :800g nett 彩虹24谷粮黑木耳和海藻 富含高纖維的絕妙混合食品。這獨特的組合成分不僅能有效降低血液粘度,促進血液流動與循環通暢,還能有效清除血管中的堵塞物。持續攝取黑木耳谷粮將大幅提升整體健康水平。 把健康带回家


成分: 黑木耳,糙米,大豆,蕎麥,小麥,乔布斯的眼泪,黑豆,黑芝麻,紅豆,綠豆,黄豆,花豆,綠豌豆,玉米,松子,銀杏,核桃,蓮子,爬行百合草皮,山藥,薑黄果實,塔克霍,米洛,枸杞,海藻。




Rainbow 24 Grains Black Fungus & Seaweed

Weight : 800g nett

Introducing RAINBOW 24 GRAIN BLACK FUNGUS & SEAWEED, a delightful blend packed with abundant fiber. This exquisite composition effectively reduces blood viscosity, facilitating optimal blood flow and eliminating blockages within the circulatory system. Consistent consumption of these black fungus grains contributes to a remarkable enhancement in overall well-being. Bring home health

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Ingredients: Black fungus, brown rice, soybeans, buckwheat, wheat, Jobs tears, black beans, black sesame, red beans, mung beans, soybeans, pinto beans, green peas, corn, pine nuts, ginkgo, walnuts, lotus seeds, creeping lily Turmeric, yam, turmeric, taco, milo, goji berry and seaweed.

Storage condition : Keep in cool and dry place. Consume within 3 months after opening to maintain freshness. Direction of use : Mix 2 scoops of powder with 200ml warm water, stir well and serve.

Product origin : Made in Malaysia

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