天然有机肥料 (Eco Pure  Organic Fertilizer) -25kg
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天然有机肥料 (Eco Pure Organic Fertilizer) -25kg

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Dimension: 25KG (80 x 60 x 10cm)

❤️ Eco Pure 天然有机肥料的配方混合了厨余,家禽养殖场和农业废弃物
❤️ 100%纯生态环保肥料
❤️ 有机质含量高
❤️ 不含有害病原体
❤️ 含丰富营养,有良好的PH值
❤️ 能有效改善及保持土壤中的水分和养分,促进根部健康的发育
❤️ 收获的蔬菜和水果有更好的质感
✅ 不需要特别库存,只需存放在没有阳光和不被雨淋的屋檐下
✅ 小户应用方式:只需洒少许在泥土,浇水让肥料融入泥土便可 一个月可使用一次或两次
✅ 大户应用方式:请阅包装处 

❤️ The formula of Eco Pure natural organic fertilizer is a blend of kitchen waste, poultry farms, and agricultural waste.
❤️ 100% pure ecological and environmentally friendly fertilizer.
❤️ High organic matter content.
❤️ Free from harmful pathogens.
❤️ Rich in nutrients with good pH value.
❤️ Can effectively improve and maintain soil moisture and nutrients, promote healthy root development.
❤️ Harvested vegetables and fruits have better texture.

✅ No special storage required, just store under a roof that is not exposed to sunlight and rain.
✅ Small-scale application method: just sprinkle a little on the soil, water it to let the fertilizer dissolve into the soil. Use once or twice a month.
✅ Large-scale application method: please refer to the packaging.

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