咸豆沙 (素) Vege Salty Peacake
咸豆沙 (素) Vege Salty Peacake
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咸豆沙 (素) Vege Salty Peacake

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Made In Malaysia
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咸豆沙 (素)
重量 :400g (200g x 2 packs)
尺寸 :20cm x 15cm x 10cm
产品来源地 :马来西亚 [有股传承的味道]~老字号饼家~第二代传承味道已进入48年历史最畅销品之一,饼皮细薄香酥,内馅幼滑饱满材料十足,入口美味,价钱大众化,人人都能享用的茶点。
成份 : 麵粉,糖,綠豆,鹽,芝麻,植物油,麥芽,胡椒粉,蛋,水,乳化劑和批准色素。
过敏原建议 :此食品含有面粉,蛋,绿豆和芝麻
保质期 :3个月 (存放在阴凉干燥处)

Salty Peacake (Vegetarian)
Weight : 400g (200g x 2 packs)
Dimension : 20cm x 15cm x 10cm
Product origin : Made in Malaysia
[The Taste of Inheritance] One of the best-selling products of a second-generation bakery of time-honored brand which has a history of 48 years. (Since 1975) The crust is thin, crispy and the inside is filled with smoothly blended green peas. The price is affordable for everyone and Muslim friendly. Can be enjoyed as tea time refreshments.
Ingredients: Wheat flour, Sugar, Green Bean, Salt, Sesame Seeds, Dough Fat, Molasses Pepper, Egg, Water, Super Emulsifier & Permitted Coloring. Allergen Advice: This product contains wheat, eggs, soy and seeds.
Expiry : 3 months (keep at cool and dry place) 

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