冻干红毛榴莲叶粉 (Freeze-Dried Soursop Leaves Powder)
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冻干红毛榴莲叶粉 (Freeze-Dried Soursop Leaves Powder)

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Dimension: 8.5 x 7 x 7 (cm)

真空冻干燥技术 简称冻干(FD), 是目前世上先进的食品保鲜技术。 冻干是将新鲜原料速冻后, 在真空低温环境中升华脱水的食品保鲜技术。 冻干即保留了食品原有的色, 香, 味, 形, 也最大限度地保存了食品中的维生素等。


✅ 保质期特长,营养价值高
✅ 百分百天然不添加任何外来东西
✅ 不需要特别库存,常温即可
✅ 吃法多样化,可加于其他饮料混合吃,随便怎么吃都可以
✅Expiry Date: 2 Years 还没开封可保存25年。

Weight:30gm/net Vacuum freeze-drying technology, abbreviated as FD, is currently the world's most advanced food preservation technology. Freeze-drying is a food preservation technology that involves freezing fresh raw materials and then sublimating and dehydrating them in a vacuum and low-temperature environment. Freeze-drying preserves the original colour, aroma, flavour, and shape of the food, as well as maximizes the preservation of vitamins and other nutrients.

❤️100% pure soursop leaves
❤️Promotes digestive system, anti-cancer, controls cholesterol level, detoxifies and diuretics, cures colds and flu
❤️All-natural, nourishing
❤️ A health product for postpartum mothers and elderly

✅Long shelf life, high nutritional values
✅100% natural, no added preservatives
✅No special storage requirements, can be stored at room temperature ✅Versatile usage, can be mixed with other drinks, can be consumed in any way desired
✅Expiry Date: 2 Years Can be stored up to 25 years if unopened.

Vacuum freeze-drying technology, also referred to as freeze-drying (FD), is currently the most advanced food preservation technology in the world. Freeze-drying is a food preservation technology in which fresh raw materials are quickly frozen and dehydrated in a vacuum and low-temperature environment. Freeze-drying retains the original colour, aroma, taste, and shape of the food. Besides, it also preserves the vitamins in the food to the greatest extent.

✅ Long shelf life and high nutritional values
✅ 100% natural without adding any foreign substances
✅ No special storage is needed, keep at room temperature
✅ Many ways of eating - mix with any drinks or eat whatever ways you like 

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