Sabah Tea With Ginger 生姜茶
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生姜茶 (Sabah Tea With Ginger )

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Size: 14cm x 17.5cm

喝姜茶有降温、祛寒、健胃、活血、预防冻疮等功效。 冬天,人体内容易累积寒气,多喝姜茶有解表散寒、暖胃、改善人体的血液循环等功效。 如果不小心感冒,喝姜茶既能够发散风寒、化痰止咳,又能够温中止呕、解毒,对于治疗外感风寒有很好的效果。 生姜含有的姜辣素和姜稀酚,能有效地促进血液循环,为身体带来温暖,起到驱寒的作用。

Drinking Ginger tea has the effects of reducing body temperature, dispelling cold, promoting digestion, promoting blood circulation, and preventing frostbite. In winter time, the body easily accumulates cold Qi, by drinking Ginger tea can have the effects of dispelling cold, warming the stomach, and improving blood circulation in the body. If you accidentally catch a cold, drinking ginger tea helps dispelling wind-cold, dissolving phlegm, stop coughing, warming the abdomen, detoxifying and stop vomiting. It has good effect on treating external wind-cold. Gingerols and Ginger phenols contained in ginger can effectively promote blood circulation, bring warmth to the body, and have the effect of dispelling cold.

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