Natural Floral Honey 银蜂皇天然野蜂蜜
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Natural Floral Honey - Silver Bee Wild Honey

Natural Floral Honey 银蜂皇天然野蜂蜜
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银蜂皇天然蜂蜜 Natural Floral Honey
Size: 20cm width x 20cm Length x 38cm Height

天然蜂蜜的好处: 。100%纯蜂蜜,无添加糖分 。来源:数千种的花蕊和植物 。未经煮过,未经过滤或处理的生蜂蜜 。优良的包装设计,方便取出蜂蜜 。天然的能量补充剂 。增强免疫力 。帮助消化 。天然甜味剂 。容易被人体消化和吸收 主要功能: 。补中益气,营养心肌 。暖解疼痛,润肠胃 。消除疲劳,赶走失眠,首头痛等恼人问题 。保护肝脏,降血压,首防止血管硬化 。增强呼吸系统功能 。调理消化系统 。消除口臭,避免日常生活中不必要的尴尬

Benefits off Natural Honey: 。
100% Pure Honey. No added sugar 。

Source: Thousands varieties of plants and stamens 。Uncooked, Unfiltered and Non-Processed Raw Honey 。Excellent packaging design, easy and convenience 。Natural energy supplement 。Boost immunity 。Help in digestion 。Natural sweetener 。Easily digested and absorbed by human body Main Functions: 。Invigorate middle Qi, nourish the heart muscle 。Relieve pain and soothe the stomach 。Eliminate fatigue, drive away insomnia, and other annoying problems such as headaches. 。Protect liver, lower blood pressure, prevent Arteriosclerosis 。Enhance the functions of respiratory system 。Regulate the digestive system, 。
Eliminate bad breath, avoid unnecessary embarrassment in daily life
Nett Wight: 500gm 

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