Madu Kelulut 无刺蜂蜜
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Madu Kelulut 无刺蜂蜜

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纯正无刺蜂蜜 重量:500g+- 100%

纯正无刺蜂蜜(也叫银蜂蜜), 无添加任何其他成分,口感~甜中带有微酸味。 无刺蜂蜜的成分独特,含糖量低于一般蜂蜜,营养价值和抗氧化成分均极高,其中酚酸含量是一般蜂蜜的4倍以上。酚酸(Phenolic acids)对人体有多种生理作用,如可防止血液凝结为板块,使血液在血管中流通无阻,而降低心脏血管疾病的发生;预防高血脂症;能去除活性氧,预防癌症及老化。 蜂蜜含水量高,酵母菌更加活跃。

蜂蜜实为酵素,酶的含量极高。人类的生命活动也是靠大量的酶完成的。不仅消化吸收、细胞的更新换代以及新陈代谢需要酶,而且分解进入体内的毒素等也需要酶的活动才能够完成。所以,酶的数量和活性程度对健康有着很大的影响。纯天然,无任何添加剂的无刺蜂蜜中含有较多的酵素,除了能促进体内的细胞新陈代谢外也能抑制顽症细胞的形成和生长,是其他糖制品没有的特殊功效。 蜂蜜的水分含量较高,这使得酵母菌在其中更加活跃。

实际上,蜂蜜本身就是一种酵素,其内部酶的含量非常丰富。人体的生命活动需要大量的酶才能完成,不仅包括消化吸收、细胞更新换代和新陈代谢,还包括分解进入体内的毒素等。因此,酶的数量和活性程度对健康有着重要的影响。无刺蜂蜜是纯天然的产品,不含任何添加剂。丰富的酵素,除了能促进体内的细胞新陈代谢外,还能抑制顽症细胞的形成和生长,这是其他糖制品所没有的独特功效。 100%纯正无刺蜂蜜的功效: 无刺蜂蜜含有16种氨基酸(Amino acid )、生物类黄酮(Bioflavonoids)、葡萄糖、维生素(A/B/C/D/E)和矿物质。医疗用途包括糖尿病、中风、癌症、高血压、尿酸、抗衰老等,对女性产后保健及恢复也有着极大帮助。

Stingless Bee Honey

Weight: 500g+- 1

00% Pure Stingless Bee Honey (also known as Silver Honey), is made without any other added ingredients, has a taste that is sweet with a slightly acidic flavor. Stingless Bee Honey has unique ingredients, contains lower sugar level than regular honey but boast high nutritional value and antioxidants. It contains over four times the amount of phenolic acid found in regular honey. Phenolic acids have various physiological effects on the body, such as preventing blood clots, promoting blood flow, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, preventing hyperlipidemia, removing free radicals, and preventing cancer and aging. Honey has high water content, which makes yeast more active. Honey is actually an enzyme, with a very high content of enzymes. Human life activities depend on a large amount of enzymes. Enzymes are not only needed for digestion, absorption, cell renewal and metabolism, but also for the breakdown of toxins that enter the body. Therefore, the number and activity level of enzymes have a great impact on health. Pure and natural stingless bee honey with no additives contains more enzymes, which not only promote cell metabolism in the body, but also inhibit the formation and growth of stubborn cells, which is a unique effect that other sugary products do not have.

Benefits of 100% Pure Stingless Bee Honey: Contains 16 amino acids, bioflavonoids, glucose, vitamins (A/B/C/D/E) and minerals. Its medical uses include diabetes, stroke, cancer, hypertension, uric acid, anti-aging, and it is also extremely helpful for postpartum care and recovery for women. 

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