M01 姜米茶 - 采用著名文冬姜和上米炒至而成
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Ginger Rice Tea 姜米茶

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Ginger Rice Tea 姜米茶 200g

姜米茶口感温和,可补充身体能量,饮用有促进消化,改善身体气色,缓解寒气的功效,可促进身体新陈代谢。 有生津止咳,滋润肺腑的功效,正常饮用可暖胃驱寒,增强抵抗力。 泡上一杯姜米茶,水中既有大米的清香味,又会有淡淡的辛辣味,混合在一起,喝上一口能让人非常的温暖。

成分:大米、老姜。纯手工现炒 饮用方式: 一茶匙姜米茶,加入300-500ml 的热水,焖 10分钟即可饮用(如选用保温壶会更加清甜出味) 储存方式:置于阴凉,干燥处密封保存

Ginger Rice Tea has a mild taste and can supplement the body's energy. Drinking it can promote digestion, improve the body's complexion, relieve coldness, and promote metabolism. It also has the effect of promoting body fluids, relieving cough, and moisturizing the lungs.

Normal consumption can warm the stomach, dispel coldness, and enhance body resistance. Brewing a cup of ginger rice tea, you'll experience the delightful aroma of rice and a subtle spiciness of ginger. As you take a sip, the flavors blend together to create a comforting warmth that will leave you feeling cozy and content.

Ingredients: Rice, Ginger. Purely hand-made and freshly roasted.

Directions for use: Take one teaspoon of Ginger Rice Tea, add 300-500ml of hot water, and let it infuse for 10 minutes before drinking (if using a thermos, it will taste even better). Storage method: Store in a cool, dry place and seal it tightly. 

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