Heads Professional - Keratin Care Multipurpose Fluid Keratin Spray
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Heads Professional - Keratin Care Multipurpose Fluid Keratin Spray

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Product description :
💚 Helps hair maintain a moisturized state for 72 hours. Suitable for dry and damaged hair.

Product features:
🔹Seals the cuticle layer
🔹Prevents split ends
🔹Treatment care
🔹Long-lasting hair protection
🔹Long-lasting hairstyles
🔹Leaves hair naturally smooth
🔹Protects hair during styling
🔹Moisturizes all hair types

Product directions:
💛 After washing, blow and dry your hair halfway. Spray an appropriate amount of keratin treatment onto the hair, and use a hair dryer to create the desired hairstyle.

Main ingredients:
Sorbitol ~ High-concentration moisturizer.
Hydrolyzed pea protein ~ Prevents hair splitting and damage, enhances hair stubbornness, and moisturizes.

✅ Sulphate Free
✅ Paraben Free
✅ Paraffin Free
✅ SLES Free
✅ Colourant Free

产品描述 :
💚 有助于头发表面保持72小时的湿润状态。适用于干性和损伤发质。


💛 清洗完头发后,将头发吹干一半。 在头发上喷上适量的角蛋白护理,再使用吹风机打造理想的发型。

主要成分 :
1) 糖精 ~ 高浓度保湿。

2) 水解豌豆蛋白 ~ 防止头发分叉和损伤,增强头发的顽固性,滋润。

✅ 不含硫酸盐
✅ 不含羟基苯甲酸酯
✅ 不含石蜡
✅ 不含月桂基硫酸钠
✅ 无色素

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