Avosso Professional - Curl Defining Cream
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Avosso Professional - Curl Defining Cream

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Made In Malaysia
Carbon Neutral
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Dimension: 12×8×12cm

Product description :
Provides control and shine for any hair type, without the buildup of an overly moisturizing curl cream, transforming twisted hair into elastic hair. It offers humidity protection, smoothing out curly and wavy hair. Suitable for soft, natural or permed hair types.

Product Usage:
Take a small amount of product in your palm and distribute evenly throughout the hair. If you want to create curls, let it air dry or use a blow dryer.

产品描述 :
供防潮保护,抚平卷曲和卷曲的头发。 适用于柔软天然或烫发的类型。

产品使用方法 :
取少量产品于掌心,均匀分布于头发各处。 如需卷曲造型,请将其晾干或用吹风机吹干。

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