Avosso Luminous Lotion
Avosso Luminous Lotion
Avosso Luminous Lotion
Avosso Luminous Lotion
Avosso Luminous Lotion
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Avosso Luminous Lotion

Avosso Professional
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Avosso Organic Series - Biotin Scalp Tonic
重量/Weight:100 ml
尺寸/Size : 12×22×12cm

Product description :

Avosso Luminous Lotion is made with advanced nutrient formulation, it can make your hair look healthy and shiny. It contains natural lunar extract, combined with natural plants and provitamin B5, to replenish the moisture lost from your hair. Its unique hair piece factor can effectively combine hair cuticles, prevent damage from external factors, and its natural formula can ensure that your curly or straight hair looks natural and lasts long.

Avosso Luminous Lotion 采用先进的营养成分配制而成,可使您的头发看起来健康光泽。

Product Usage Instruction使用方法 :

After washing your hair, blow your hair until it is 80% dry. Take an appropriate amount of this product on to your palm . Apply by rubbing evenly on to your hair.


Benefits 主要功效 :

🟢Natural Plant Element 富含天然植物元素
🔴Have Great Scent 持久芳香
🟡Vitamin B5 富含维他命原B5
🔵Repair Damage Hair 修复受损发质
🟠Suitable Glossy Hair 适合有光泽的头发

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