马蹄酥香饼  (Maltose Heong Piah)
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马蹄酥香饼 (Maltose Heong Piah)

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重量 : ±450 克/包
数量 : 10片/包

祖传家乡味道秘方,手工制作出香脆饼皮,新鲜出炉,甜度适中,吃而不腻,绝对是品质保证,送礼首选佳品。 材料: 小麦粉,麦芽糖,植物油,炸葱,芝麻和糖。

产品有效期限 :3个月

Maltose Heong Piah

Weight : ±450 g/pack
Quantity : 10 pieces/ pack

A secret recipe passed down through generations, this hometown delicacy is made by hand to create crispy pastry. Freshly baked with just the right amount of sweetness, it is a treat that never gets tiresome. An absolute assurance of quality and a top choice for gifting.

Ingredients : Wheat flour, maltose, vegetable oil, fried onion, sesame seeds and sugar
Expiry date : 3 months 

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