香菇素蚱餅生片 (MUSHROOMS Mushroom Vegetarian Raw Crackers)
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香菇素蚱餅生片 (Mushroom Vegetarian Raw Crackers)

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香菇素蚱饼是一种素食小吃,以香菇为主要原料,添加多种配料制成。这种小吃外形像一个薄饼,口感酥脆,吃起来清爽可口。 香菇素蚱饼生片的制作工艺非常独特,选用天然的食材,无添加防腐剂和人造色素,确保产品的健康和营养价值。 香菇素蚱饼非常方便携带,适合下午茶或者聚会作为时的零食,在户外、上班、旅行等各种场合食用,也是送礼给亲友的不错选择。 由于口感好,很多人喜欢将它作为小点心来食用,也有不少人将它作为素食主食搭配其他蔬菜一起食用。



Mushroom Vegetarian Crackers is a type of vegetarian snack made mainly from mushrooms and various other plant ingredients. The appearance of this snack is like a thin pancake, with a crispy texture and a refreshing and delicious taste. The production process of Mushroom Vegetarian Raw Crackers is very unique, using natural ingredients without adding preservatives or artificial colors, ensuring the health and nutritional value of the product. Mushroom Vegetarian Crackers are very convenient to carry and are suitable as a snack for afternoon tea or gatherings. They can be consumed in various occasions such as outdoor activities, work, travel, etc. It is also a good choice as a gift for family and friends. Due to their good taste, many people like to use them as a small snack, while others use them as a vegetarian main course with other dishes.

Ingredients: Flour, Water, and Vegetables.

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