香草茶 (Sabah Tea With Vanilla )
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香草茶 (Sabah Tea With Vanilla )

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Size: 14cm x 17.5cm

香兰茶是以有“世界天然食品香料之王”称誉的香草兰(Vanilla)与高档红、绿茶作原料,以先进制茶技术与现代吸附理论相结合研制成功的茶叶新产品,具有国际流行香型。 有提神补脑,保肝补肾多种保健功效。 香兰红茶香气清甜纯正,滋味浓强爽口,汤色红艳明亮,加奶口感更好,冷饮效果尤佳。

Vanilla tea, made from high-quality black or green tea and the herb Vanilla, known as the "king of natural food spices", is a new tea product developed through advanced tea-making techniques and modern absorption theory. It has an internationally popular fragrance. It has various health benefits including refreshing the mind, nourishing the liver and kidney, and enhancing brain function. The aroma of Vanilla in the tea is sweet and pure, with a strong and refreshing taste, a bright red color, and it tastes even better with milk. It also tastes excellent when served cold.

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