诗巫干盘面 (Sibu Kampua Mee )
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诗巫干盘面 (Sibu Kampua Mee )

诗巫古色古香的简单传统美食 (Simple Traditional Delicacy Originates From Sibu)
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40g x 5
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Dimension: 20cmx12cmx8cm
重量:800g+(每包)1 包 5片

❤️ 干盘面是诗巫古色古香的简单传统美食
❤️ 以[快熟]的形式推出后,依然坚持不加防腐剂以及天然晒干
❤️ 只需用香春油+沙茶和酱油。这些简单的配料吉调味料,就能煮出美味的面条
❤️ 健康又方便

✅ 爱吃面人士的首选
✅ 没有添加剂,全天然
✅ 适合素食者和一家大小食用

Weight:800g+(Per Pack)5-Piece Pack
❤️ Kampua Mee (Dry noodle) is a simple traditional delicacy originates from Sibu
❤️ As an instant noodle, we insist on no preservatives added and it is dried naturally
❤️ With some vegetable oil + abarbecue sauce and soy sauce, you will be able to cook delicious noodles
❤️ Healthy and convenient

✅ The first choice for noodle lovers
✅ No additives, all natural
✅ Suitable for vegetarians and whole family

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