草莓茶 (Sabah Tea With Strawberry )
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草莓茶 (Sabah Tea With Strawberry )

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Size: 14cm x 17.5cm

草莓茶医疗功效 草莓还有较高的药用和医疗价值。 从草莓植株中提取出的“草莓胺”,治疗白血病、障碍性贫血等血液病有较好的疗效。 草莓味甘酸、性凉、无毒,能润、生津、利痰、健脾、解酒、补血、化脂,对肠胃病和心血管病有一定防治作用。

Strawberry tea's medicinal benefits: Strawberries also have significant medicinal value. "Strawberry amine" extracted from the strawberry plant is effective in treating blood diseases such as leukemia and hypochromic anemia. Strawberries have a sweet and sour taste, are cool in nature, and are non-toxic. They can moisten the throat, produce saliva, relieve phlegm, strengthen the spleen, alleviate alcohol intoxication, nourish blood, and dissolve fat. They also have certain preventative and therapeutic effects on gastrointestinal and cardiovascular diseases.

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