纯手工制作左手香油 Homemade Mexican Mint Oil
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纯手工制作左手香油 Homemade Mexican Mint Oil

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Carbon Neutral
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重量 : 100ml

主治: 左手香是家喻户晓的“消炎圣手”,具有优秀的消炎、抗菌和止痒效果。它特别适用于治疗多种疾病,如湿疹、富贵手、痘痘、干癣、蚊虫叮咬等等。



Weight: 100ml

Mexican Mint Oil (scientific name is coleus amboinicus) is a well-known "holy hand for inflammation" with excellent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and itching effects. It is particularly effective in treating various diseases such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, insects bites and so on.

For centuries, Mexican Mint Oil has been known for its medicinal value and its effectiveness in treating various skin diseases. Its natural and gentle formula makes it the preferred choice for people seeking a more comprehensive skincare approach. The product is made from fresh Mexican Mint and Olive Oil that are processed at low temperature to ensure the preservation of its therapeutic effects. It is for external use and suitable for people of all ages. If there are any signs of sensitivity or adverse reactions, it is recommended to stop using. 

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