精美文化徽章 “厚德载物” Featured Button Bagde "HouDeZaiWu"
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精美文化徽章 “厚德载物” Featured Button Bagde "HouDeZaiWu"

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精美文化徽章 “厚德载物”
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Made In Malaysia
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精美文化徽章 “厚德载物”
材料:可回收之塑料,铁片,铁扣针 我们采用高品质材料和精湛的工艺,保证您的徽章外观精美、质量优良,耐久性强。 载物” 源于古人智慧,乃做人聚财之根本,戴在胸前或别在包包上都彰显个人修养与形象。 独特设计的艺术字:“厚德载物”,源于古人智慧,乃做人聚财之根本,戴在胸前或别在包包上都彰显个人修养与有品德的形象。 产品来源地:马来西亚创作

Featured Button Bagde "HouDeZaiWu"
Size:Round shape, diameter 58mm
Weight: 5g
Material: Recyclable plastic, iron sheet, iron pin We use high-quality materials and exquisite workmanship to ensure that your badge looks great, high-quality and durable. "Good virtue carries things" originated from the wisdom of the ancients, and it is the foundation of being a person and gathering wealth. Wearing it on the chest or pinning it on the bag shows personal cultivation and image.

Product Origin: Made In Malaysia

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