甘菊茶 (Sabah Tea With Camomile )
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甘菊茶 (Sabah Tea With Camomile )

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Size: 14cm x 17.5cm

洋甘菊茶作用功效 味微苦、甘香,明目、退肝火,治疗失眠,降低血压,可增强活力、提神。 增强记忆力、降低胆固醇。 止咳,祛痰,可支气管炎及气喘,可舒缓头痛、偏头痛或感冒引起的肌肉痛,对胃酸、神经有帮助。

Chamomile tea has a slightly bitter and sweet fragrance. It can improve eyesight and reduce liver heat. It can also treat insomnia, lower blood pressure, increase energy, and refresh the mind. Additionally, it can enhance memory and lower cholesterol levels. It has a cough-relieving and phlegm-eliminating effect, making it suitable for bronchitis and asthma. It can also alleviate muscle pain caused by headaches, migraines, or colds, and is helpful for stomach acid and nerves.

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