浴巾 Charming II Bath Towel
浴巾 Charming II Bath Towel
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浴巾 Charming II Bath Towel

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Made In Malaysia
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Charming II 浴巾
重量 ; 230g
尺寸 : 57cm x 100cm
Charming II浴巾是由100%棉质制成,非常柔软、舒适和超吸水。Charming II浴巾非常适合婴儿和成人使用,确保家庭中每个人都能享受到高品质浴巾的奢华感受。 无论您是为婴儿娇嫩的肌肤还是为个人使用寻找浴巾,Charming II浴巾都是完美的选择。其超强的吸水性能能够在每次使用后让您感觉干爽和舒适。请给自己来一次Charming II浴巾的豪华享受,将您的沐浴体验提升到一个全新的层次!

Charming II Bath Towel
Weight : 230g
Dimension : 57cm x 100cm
Made from 100% cotton, this bath towel is incredibly soft, comfortable, and ultra-absorbent. The Charming II Bath Towel is perfect for both babies and adults, ensuring that everyone in the family can enjoy the luxurious feel of a high-quality towel. Whether you are looking for a bath towel for your baby's delicate skin or for your own personal use, the Charming II Bath Towel is the perfect choice. Its ultra-absorbent properties will leave you feeling dry and comfortable after every use. Treat yourself to the luxury of the Charming II Bath Towel and elevate your bath time experience to a whole new level!
Product Origin: Malaysia

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