槟城素食啰惹酱 Penang Vegetarian Rojak Paste
槟城素食啰惹酱 Penang Vegetarian Rojak Paste
槟城素食啰惹酱 Penang Vegetarian Rojak Paste
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槟城素食啰惹酱 Penang Vegetarian Rojak Paste

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槟城素罗惹酱是一种美味的酱料,用于制作罗惹,这是一种在东南亚特别是在马来西亚流行的沙拉菜肴。罗惹是由黄瓜、菠萝、沙葛(马来语中称为“sengkuang”)、豆芽和豆腐等水果和蔬菜混合而成,用厚厚的、辛辣的、带有酸味的酱料拌匀。 槟城素罗惹酱是传统罗惹酱的素食和纯素友好版本,不含任何肉类或鱼类成分。该酱料通常由多种素食原料混合而成。

其结果是一种味道浓郁、稍微带甜味的酱料,有辣味和酸味。 要准备槟城素罗惹,只需将酱料与适量的水混合并搅拌,直到达到所需的浓度。




Penang Vegetarian Rojak Paste is a savory sauce used in the preparation of Rojak, a popular salad dish in Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia.

Rojak is a mixture of fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, pineapple, jicama (sengkuang), bean sprouts, and tofu, dressed with a thick, spicy, and tangy sauce.

The Penang Vegetarian Rojak Paste is a vegetarian and vegan-friendly version of the traditional Rojak paste, made without any meat or fish-based ingredients.

The paste is typically made from a combination of vegetartian ingredients. The result is a flavourful and slightly sweet sauce with a spicy kick and a tangy finish.

To prepare Penang Vegetarian Rojak, one simply needs to mix the paste with some water and stir until it reaches the desired consistency. The mixed paste is then poured over the salad ingredients and tossed together until everything is coated with the sauce.

The dish is typically garnished with chopped peanuts for added texture and flavor. Penang Vegetarian Rojak Paste will take you back to the taste of childhood memories.

Our vegetarian rojak paste is fragrant, sweet, thick, and just the right level of spiciness, suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

At the same time, we carefully select ingredients, use real and fresh ingredients to make the paste, and do not contain preservatives or additives. Ingredients: Chili, Dark Soya Sauce, Sesame, Sugar, Vegetarian Belacan, Free Preservative

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