棵加蕉 Homecooked Dodol
棵加蕉 Homecooked Dodol
棵加蕉 Homecooked Dodol
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棵加蕉 Homecooked Dodol

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粿加蕉 重量:500g

粿加蕉 Kuih Dodol/ Kuih Kacau (Homemade)

炭燒入嘴滑口的 <古早味> 传统美食。可安心食用。无添加防腐剂,靠超过四小时的火喉熬煮及甜度适止。

主要材料 : 马六甲椰糖 (Gula Melaka),水磨白糯米粉,椰奶,耐心加细心搅合,制造过程非常讲究卫生及细腻。 储存在室内干凉处及容器和器具是干净的即可存放3至6个月。

Homecooked Dodol

Weight :500g

Kuih Dodol/ Kuih Kacau (Homemade) charcoal-grilled <ancient taste> traditional food. It is safe to eat without added preservatives. it was cooked for more than 4 hours and the sweeteness is just right to preserved it. Main ingredients are Gula Melaka, White Glutinous Rice Flour, Coconut Milk, Cooked patiently and the manufacturing process is very hygienic and delicate. Store in a dry cool place indoor and make sure the containers and utensils used are dry and clean will enable to store until 3-6 months.

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