方精油-专注聚焦  Essential Oil Blend - Focus and Concentration
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方精油-专注聚焦 (Essential Oil Blend - Focus and Concentration)

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尺寸(瓶子): 3.3cmx 宽3.3cm x 高8.3cm


成分:乳香精油、莱姆精油,岩兰草精油,分馏椰子油。 使用方法:涂抹在额头两旁、颈项、后脑勺、耳后和脚底(如需)。 注意事项: ·避免碰触到眼睛,耳朵里,鼻孔以及身体敏感部位。 ·此配方纯属自然疗法,效果因人而异。 ·请放在阴凉处,避免曝晒。 ·由于此产品属于纯天然配方,建议开瓶后在3个月内使用完。


Dimension(Bottle): 3.3cm(L)x 3.3cm(W) x 8.3cm(H)

Effect: Enhance focus, groundedness, concentration, and promote clear thinking.

Ingredients: Frankincense essential oil, lime essential oil, vetiver essential oil, fractionated coconut oil. Instructions for use: Apply to the sides of the forehead, neck, back of the head, behind the ears, and on the soles of the feet (if desired). Precautions: Avoid contact with eyes, ears, nostrils, and sensitive areas of the body. This formula is purely a natural therapy, and its effectiveness varies from person to person. Please store in a cool place and avoid exposure to sunlight. As this product belongs to a purely natural formula, it is recommended to use it within 3 months after opening. 

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