宣肺败毒汤 Herbal Tea
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宣肺败毒汤 Herbal Tea

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重量 : 150g (内有15个10g的茶包) 此茶是采用宣肺败毒汤配方里的传统中药研发而成,只用优质中草药,如薏仁,甘草,化橘红和其他中草药,旨在维持整体的健康。此茶经过特别的调配,能提供清新香气和味道,让您可每天享用。 宣肺败毒汤有消炎,可以消肺解毒,提高免疫力。
配料 :红茶,薏仁,甘草,马鞭草,苦杏仁,韩国薄荷,芦根,葶苈子,化橘红,青篙草,苍术,荆芥,浮萍,甜菊。
用法 :将1-2个茶包放人 250毫升沸水浸泡 5-10分钟,趁热饮用,茶包可以重复浸泡至无味。 每天喝可饮用 1至2次。本产品适合素食者饮用。
产品截止日期 : 12/2023

Detox Herbal Tea
Weight: 150g (contains 15 tea bags, 10g each)
This tea is developed based on the traditional Chinese medicine formula, using only high-quality Chinese herbs such as Coix Seed, Licorice, Tangerine Peel, and other Chinese herbs, with the aim of maintaining overall health. This tea has been specially formulated to provide a refreshing aroma and taste, so that you can enjoy it every day. This herbal tea has anti-inflammatory properties, can clear the lungs and detoxify the body, and improve immunity.
Ingredients: Black Tea, Coix Seed, Licorice, Thymus mongolicus, Bitter Apricot Kernel, Korean Mint, Reed Rhizome, Schizonepeta, Tangerine Peel, Lophatherum gracile, Atractylodes macrocephala, Schizonepeta, Spirodela polyrhiza, and Stevia.
Direction: Steep 1-2 tea bags in 250ml of boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Drink while hot. The tea bags can be reused until the tea is tasteless. Drink 1 to 2 times a day. This product is suitable for vegetarians.
Precautions: Store in a dry place at normal room temperature.
Product Origin: Malaysia Product Expiry Date: 12/2023 

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