咸豆沙 (葱香) Salty Peacake (with onions)
咸豆沙 (葱香) Salty Peacake (with onions)
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咸豆沙 (葱香) Salty Peacake (with onions)

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咸豆沙 (葱香)
重量 :400g (200g x 2 packs)
尺寸 :20cm x 15cm x 10cm
产品来源地 :马来西亚
老字号饼家~第二代传承味道已进入48年历史最畅销品之一, 饼皮细薄香酥内馅丰满幼滑,葱香扑鼻,价格大众化人人都能享用 !
成分 : 麵粉,糠,绿豆,監,芝麻,纯正植物油,麥芽,胡椒粉,葱头,蛋,水乳化劑和批准色素。 过敏原建议 :此食品含有面粉,蛋,绿豆和芝麻
保质期 :3个月 (存放在阴凉干燥处)

Salty Peacake (with onions)
Weight : 400g (200g x 2 packs)
Dimension : 20cm x 15cm x 10cm
Product origin : Malaysia
Product feature : Salty Peacake ~ <The Taste of Inheritance> One of the best-selling products of a second-generation bakery of time-honored brand which has a history of 48 years. (Since 1975). The crust is thin, crispy and the inside is filled with smoothly blended green peas, moist with a hint of fried onion. Ingredients: Wheat flour, Sugar, Green bean, Salt, Sesame seeds, Dough fat, Molasses, Pepper, Onion, Eggs, Water, Sugar Emulsifier & Permitted Colouring.
Allergen Advice: This product contains wheat, eggs, soy and seeds.
Expiry : 3 months (keep at cool and dry place) 

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