古早味椰糖 Traditional Homemade Coconut Candy
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古早味椰糖 Traditional Homemade Coconut Candy

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重量:305 g (一包里有3小包,小包里有13粒椰糖)


在热锅里搅拌的过程中,需要不断地调整火候,以确保糖浆的颜色和质地得到完美的控制。 一旦糖浆达到了浓稠的状态,制作人员需要趁热将其揉成糖形,这也需要一定的技巧和经验。


食材 : 椰奶和糖 储存/ 截止 :在正常室温可储存 1年至 1年半

Weight: 305 g (3 small packets in one pack, each small packet contains 13 pieces of coconut candy)

This is a traditional candy made from simple ingredients of coconut milk and sugar. However, the production process requires patience and skill, as the two ingredients need to be slowly stirred in a hot pot until they reach a thick and sticky state, which takes 2 to 3 hours.

During the stirring process, the heat needs to be constantly adjusted to ensure the colour and texture of the syrup is perfectly controlled. Once the syrup reaches a thick and sticky state, the candy maker needs to quickly shape it into candy while it is still hot, which also requires some skill and experience. The ultimate outcome is a delectable coconut candy with a satisfyingly chewy texture and delightful sweetness, making it a beloved and time-honored confection that people love to savor.

Ingredients: Coconut milk, Sugar. Storage/Expiry Period: Can be stored for 1 to 1.5 years at normal room temperature. 

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