元师 J7 高性能润滑 AM1 LUBRICANTS J7  FS8000 SAE 5W30
元师 J7 高性能润滑 AM1 LUBRICANTS J7  FS8000 SAE 5W30
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元师 J7 高性能润滑 AM1 LUBRICANTS J7 FS8000 SAE 5W30

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元师 J7 高性能润滑油


尺寸:21.5cm x 9.5cm x 30cm

元师 J7 高性能润滑油提供以下的好处:

* J7 引擎润滑油在最严酷的操作下,能出色的表现抗磨损及控制沈积物的能力,最大限度地延长引擎寿命。

* J7 引擎润滑油具有高性能品质,防止机油迅速降解,提高品质,防止发动机损坏,有助于降低汽车的维护成本。

* J7 引擎润滑油极大地提升了启动引擎的轻松性,并有助于形成润滑保护膜,大大降低引擎噪音。

* J7 引擎润滑油具有高热稳定性,防止合成油成分降解,减少挥发性,保护引擎免受不当操作导致的过度燃油问题。

* J7 引擎润滑油的高效规格配方包含分散剂和添加剂,可防止结块和沉淀微小的油脂和铁粉颗粒,立即持续清洁发动机,使引擎保持如新的表现十年。

成分:100%合成油 使用方法:10,000公里或3个月内更换,以获得更佳保养效果。 注意事项:仅供发动机使用,请远离儿童并妥善存放在安全位置。


产品来源地: 马来西亚


Weight: 4kg

Dimensions: 21.5cm x 9.5cm x 30cm

The J7 high-performance offers the following benefits :

* The J7 engine lubricant performs exceptionally well in the most severe operating conditions, demonstrating excellent anti-wear properties and deposit control, thereby maximizing engine life.

* The J7 engine lubricant reduces vehicle maintenance cost by resisting oil degradation and protecting against engine damage. * The J7 engine lubricant greatly enhances easy engine startup and helps form a protective lubricating film, reducing engine noise to a great extent.

* The J7 engine lubricant possesses high thermal stability, prevents degradation of synthetic oil components, reduces volatility, and safeguards the engine from excessive fuel consumption caused by improper operation.

* The J7 engine lubricant is formulated with dispersants and additives that prevent clumping and deposition of tiny oil greases and iron particles, ensuring continuous engine cleaning and maintaining engine performance as good as new for ten years.

* AM1 SUPER X J7 FULLY SYNTHETIC FORMULA meets the following performance requirements :

AM1 J7 F.SYN military specification Mil-L-46152E  CCMC-G5  PD2 VOLKSWAGON  VW500.00/501.01 ACEA  A3-98  B3-98  DB229.1 Approval For BMW and Porsche .

Ingredients:100% FULLY SYNTHETIC

Instructions for use: Replace within 10,000Km or within 3 months for optimal maintenance results. Precaution: For engine use only. Store in a safe location. Keep away from children.

Shelf life: No expiration date if unused.

Product Origin: Malaysia

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