伯爵茶 (Sabah Tea With Earl Grey)
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伯爵茶 (Sabah Tea With Earl Grey)

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Size: 14cm x 17.5cm

伯爵茶是一种将天然红茶、特别的佛手柑油混合在一起的茶。 这种茶不仅适合独自品味,也非常适合在下午茶或晚餐后饮用。 另外,伯爵茶也提供了有利于健康的茶氨酸。 伯爵茶具有杀菌,抗抑郁,提神醒脑的功效。

Earl Gray is a tea blended with natural black tea and special bergamot oil. Not only is this tea great to drink on its own, it's also perfect for afternoon tea or after dinner. Earl Gray tea also provides the health-friendly theanine. Earl Gray tea has anti-bacterial, anti-depressant and refreshing effects.

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